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Worse Case Scenario

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Knife Attacks…A quick search on social media will result in more examples than we care to see. The result of this viciousness is shocking, and once we disconnect from what TV or the movies normally show us, we soon realize this can be a worse case scenario.

Knife Defense…Another search of this phrase will bring up multitudes of examples of how to approach this topic. Instead of judging others, let’s just say there’s no situation where we can come out of this brutality unscathed. Especially if one is untrained.

When it comes to knife assaults you must have the correct mindset, which is made up of several principles:

  1. In any violent encounter ALWAYS expect a weapon. This may be difficult to believe, but it’s more of a reality then most people realize.

  2. Use controlled aggression. When it comes to someone attacking you with a knife there’s no holding back. Be as or more aggressive than the attacker. “Controlled” means maintaining your wits throughout the encounter.

  3. Have the courage to engage the attacker. Go forward, never backwards. FIGHT! The fetal position will not help you here.

  4. Do. Not. Quit. Save your life and those of your family and friends, if need be. This is a terrible situation and won’t have a good outcome if you just give up. Go until you can’t.

The attached short video was made to highlight one moment or one outcome during a knife attack. Special effects and music were added simply to enhance the visual experience. However, please understand that I would never want to be in this situation for real. Personally, I’ve trained for this, and trained others as well, for years. Even after all of the training this 30 second encounter left me stabbed several times. But it isn’t the stabs I’m training for, it’s the mindset.

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