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AXT Jiu-Jitsu Medallion: More than a Symbol

Those of you who know me understand how much of a “John Wick” nerd I am. The thought of an unknown underworld operating outside of our purview intrigues me. Those engulfed by that faux reality live and operate by a set of rules which we mere civilians can’t understand. Within that world various members have coins and medallions which carry with them specific meanings.

For example, the Adjudicator fixes things in this dangerous world of assassins. The Adjudicator’s Medallion is the proof of their prestige and is an important symbol of their power, meaning that their word is law. On their medallion is the phrase, “Actiones Secundum Fidei” which translates to “We act according to what we believe (ourselves to be)”.

Another example is the Blood Oath Marker which John Wick held. On it reads, “Quod Debitum Sanquine”. This translates to “The Blood Debt” and is considered in their world as the strongest and most dangerous promise that anyone could make. If someone makes a blood oath a favor can be called upon at any time and for any reason. The person holding the marker must act on the request or meet retribution.

Now of course these are extreme examples from a fictitious world of movie magic. However, I had an idea to create something special, and permanent, for those students who put in the time at our club and really sacrifice to learn and grow in the art of Jiu-Jitsu. Many students have spent years training with us, earning various belt ranks, and becoming contributing members to our organization. So, I created a challenge coin (actually a medallion), to commemorate our students’ dedication to the art and to our club as a whole.

Traditionally, challenge coins have been given to prove a membership when asked, or as a recognition of a special achievement, or simply to enhance morale. The AXT Jiu-Jitsu challenge coin will accomplish all of these things, plus one more fun item. If you have a coin and challenge a teammate to see their coin, and they don’t have it with them, then you get to start from the back position at the beginning of your next roll together. This has the potential to be very interesting.

AXT Jiu-Jitsu members qualify to receive one of our challenge coins if they have been promoted to the next belt level at our facility by the Head Coach, in this case me. Examples include white belt to grey/white belt for kids and youth level students, or white belt to blue belt for adult level students, or if a student came to our club already a blue belt and they are promoted to purple belt, or perhaps they were a purple belt and were promoted to brown belt. White belts need to continue working towards their first belt rank to be eligible. As a special benefit, only adult level students who performed, or who decide to perform, a belt demonstration will receive a wooden case with their medallion. All other eligible students will receive their medallion in the plastic pouch they come in.

Thanks to all AXT Jiu-Jitsu students for being a part of our club heritage and for supporting everything we do to make the facility a destination point for members to enjoy together. And remember…


When it comes to the AXT Jiu-Jitsu Challenge Coin there are two rules that can’t be broken:

1. If you challenge another coin holder, and they don’t have their coin, you obtain a “marker” to begin from Back Mount when you next roll together.

2. Every successful challenge or “marker” must be honored.


Rules…without them we live among the animals.


Best regards,

Coach Chris

AXT Jiu-Jitsu


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