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Understanding Guard Retention Zone vs Escaping Zone

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Using a car analogy, when rolling a person directly in front of you is in your “headlights”, which is the Guard Retention Zone. This zone spans out approximately 45 degrees from the center of you on both sides. When someone is in the Guard Retention Zone it’s your job to keep them there using various tools and technique designed specifically for retention.

Once passed the “headlights” of your Guard Retention Zone, the opponent enters into your Defending or Escaping Zone. When the opponent goes passed the point of no return, and gets around your Guard Retention Zone you must change your mindset and techniques to defending and escaping. However, it’s very important you don’t do this beforehand.

When you try to use the Guard Retention techniques in the Escape Zone it helps your opponent with pinning or trapping you. This is also the case when you try to utilize Escape Zone techniques while the opponent is in the Guard Retention Zone. These various concepts of the game have to be understood and trained in order to become efficient at using them.

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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