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TOP GAME MOVEMENT (when needed)

As a student gains knowledge and experience, it becomes more important to know when and where to move while in the top position. However, this takes time and patience because the person on bottom is rarely static. They are moving as well and the person on top needs to compensate for that.

If you’re in a top position, and you have a person in a locked-up dominate position, there’s no need to move or rush. Instead focus on maintaining the positional dominance while focusing on attacking. This can be a very true statement when preparing for or competing in a sub-only, no time limit style tournament. Study on this.

Don’t be stubborn about a position, or holding a position. Be ready to transition to another location or position. If the opponent is escaping a position you’re holding, move to another position. Always work on and apply transitions well. They keep you ahead of the action.

However, if the bottom person isn’t moving, or is holding onto you tightly, you may be the one that needs to move. This is very true if you’re in a competition, down on points, and your opponent is holding you to stall until the match ends.

Don’t be a boulder, heavy and unmovable. Be a landslide, overwhelming, overbearing and constantly moving.

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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