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If you’re kneeling or standing up in someone’s Guard, why would you move backward to kneel or sit down? It doesn’t equate. “Sitting down” when rolling is a normal practice and it happens all of the time, especially by more experienced grapplers. However, when initially learning BJJ it can actually slow down your growth, and your personal progression in the art, as well as your partner. Let me explain.

Having the mindset of “staying in the moment”, and doing your BJJ from where you’re at, should be the focus, especially in the beginning. If you are in a top or standing position, don’t “sit down” as a method of progressing. Get your takedown, pass the Guard, or move to the next logical top position. Don’t move backwards! Don’t sit back and wait.

Do everything you can to stop your opponent from doing their game. Follow through on your game and techniques, by progressing forward. Give your opponent respect by giving them a good roll. You’ll get so much more from the experience.

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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