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Simple message for this week…learn how to redirect.

When you have top side control, and your opponent shoots in that far underhook, there is typically one thing they are attempting to do…get up to their knees. Once that happens you have seconds to decide on what your next course of action is going to be before they turn things in their favor. Let’s face it, getting up to their knees can be so much better than re-guarding and remaining on their back (see previous Leg Frame blog).

When you redirect, you basically are completing a dynamic pivot around the opponent’s body ending up at their backside. It’s good for stopping the opponent from escaping, obviously taking their back, and even for finishing passing opportunities.

Learning how to “redirect” can be your equalizer to the opponent who is more apt to getting up to their knees. So how does it work? Your opponent is on their back under your side control, and they slip their arm under your far side armpit. Next, they scissor their legs and flip onto their belly going into a prone position. Finally, they draw their legs up under their torso and effectively get up to their knees. Now they’re ready to move into a multitude of various counter positions that can turn your roll upside down. Literally!

When you first feel the opponent’s arm slip under your armpit that’s when the movement begins. Immediately begin rotating around the opponent in the direction of their head. Drop your arm over the opponent’s body essentially blocking their hip by posting your hand/arm next to their belly. Perform a knee pivot with a backstep, and you’ve effectively have moved to the opponent’s backside.

Where you go next can be your decision or what the opponent gives you in response to your redirect. It’s a very viable technique, and something that every grappler should know and use all of the time. When it comes to scrambling, the redirect needs to be drilled constantly and be in everyone’s grappling toolbelt.

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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