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Importance of Takedown Prevention

The folks from Evolve MMA understand the importance of training takedown defenses

Understanding the importance of defending throws or takedowns is paramount as you progress forward in grappling.

In the Gi world, utilizing grip fighting concepts as a preemptive defense should be the first line. Here’s some more tips that you should embrace:

· Not letting the opponent control your strong arm

· On the flip side, don’t let the opponent control your upper body with their strong arm

· When breaking the opponent’s grip(s) be sure to obtain your own grip

Along with grip fighting, understanding how to “hip check” your opponents throwing attempts must be built into your DNA:

· Use correct hand placement and body alignment

· Understand offensive opportunities off the hip check

When it comes to NoGi takedown prevention there are other principles and techniques that are primarily used, such as the Sprawl:

· Being in the proper stance relative to your attacking opponent

· Noticing level changes by your opponent

· Understanding the importance of head control and the idea of “hip dropping”

· Most important, being comfortable with resetting or controlling after a sprawl

Let’s not forget about the Whizzer and how to execute it defensively when needed:

· Creating pressure correctly when using the Whizzer

· Importance of head control as well as hand/arm control

· Having the ability to move and control the positioning of your trapped leg

· Being able to balance on one leg and setting up counter-attacks

Executing takedowns and throws against an opponent is a skill that literally takes years to develop. However, knowing how to defend those same attacks by your opponent will open up that part of your game, by allowing you to confidently explore various set ups and attacks of your own, with less concern of your opponent’s techniques.

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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