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Importance of Pressure & Movement

This week we’ll cover not one, but two "simple yet complicated" topics…pressure and movement.

Pressure brings to mind the idea of weight. However, in Jiu-Jitsu it means more than how heavy someone can be. Think more in terms of control points, and how well you can hold those points. How well can you maintain control in the major positions like:

· Side Control (“100 kilos”)

· Scarf Hold (a judoka favorite)

· Mount

· North-South

· Back Mount

· Bottom of Guard

Yes, the bottom of Guard. How well can you incite pressure from there?

When it comes to movement understanding how to go from one major position to another is the sign that the grappler's skill is elevating. Add in pressure as discussed above and things get real interesting. Some training concepts applied to movement are:

· Redirection Concept – Always circling to the back when the opponent faces you

· Floating Concept – Not permanently attaching yourself to an opponent when in a top dominate position

· Hovering Concept – Very similar to the floating concept but slightly different application

· Resetting Concept – Going back to “ground zero”

· Vice Grip Concept – Getting tight when it’s needed

“Where can I get more info on this concept Coach?!” Well, you know the answer by now. Pay attention in class, drill and apply them during your rolls, and do your homework. These concepts and principles are taught at AXTJJ, and should be shown everywhere, as they can help anyone’s game.

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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