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Guard Offense – Waiter Sweep

Once again, I’m bringing back another old school technique, the Waiter Sweep. Known by the position one of the arms goes into resembling how a waiter (or waitress) in a restaurant would carry a tray. Regardless of what its called, I believe this sweep has merit and can be extremely useful.

The opponent stands up in your Closed Guard. Underhook one of their legs and post the opposite hand on the mat with your fingers pointing in the direction of your legs. While angling your head and body toward the underhook side, push with your inverted hand and elevate your hips into the opponent knocking them over. Once down rotate your body around in a semi-circle, staying low to the mat, all while working your leg out from under your opponent’s body.

As you get better at this sweep you can open your legs before the opponent hits the ground. Keep in mind it’s not the arms as much as it is the hip elevation and twist that makes this sweep work so well.

A second variation uses a cross sleeve push while the underhooking arm ends up chopping at the back of the opponent’s leg. Instead of twisting your hips and body, bump the underhooked leg with your hip. There’s a possible armbar at the end of this sweep variation.

Utilizing this action of underhooking an opponent’s leg while posting on your inverted hand comes up in other techniques where you’re looking to knock the opponent backwards. Keep an eye open for these opportunities as they present themselves. Often times they can be a useful tactic.

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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