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Guard Offense – Submissions – Triangle Choke

Professor Roy Dean applying a Triangle Choke during a roll. Photo captured by Cecil Brissette.

There are so many entries into the Triangle Choke that it would make your head spin. These entries should be practiced often from all of the various positions, even if you fail to secure the choke. Doing this will only make your game better and your chances of success greater.

Here’s a “forced”, yet simple method of applying the technique. From head control and wrist control push the opponent’s arm inward towards their own torso, while throwing your leg over their shoulder, and cross your ankles over the opponent’s back. Lift up your hips to move the trapped arm from one side to the other. This crosses the opponent’s arm across their own neck. Now grab your own shin as you place your foot on their hip. Twist your upper torso perpendicular to the opponent’s torso to create a better angle. Remove your foot from the opponent’s hip and throw it over the ankle of the leg that’s over their neck. Don’t forget about all of these small details to increase the choke pressure: curl your toes back, angle out the foot of the bottom leg, squeeze your knees, raise your hips and pull down on the opponent’s head. With chokes its always about taking away space.

You can also underhook the opponent’s leg or arm if desired to gain better control. If the opponent raises up to get their posture back, hip up (knees to chest) and re-secure the head. Then should walk away. You always want the opponent’s head above your hips when trying to get a Triangle Choke.

When hunting for Triangle Chokes look for the subtle triggers that will make it more efficient. A perfect time is when the opponent has one arm outside of your legs and one arm inside. Also, when the opponent has one arm away from their body and you are in an Open Guard with a foot on their hip. Understanding how to push off the opponent’s hip while springing your hips upward can surprise even the most cautious opponent.

Some other ideas that can be done with the Triangle Choke:

· Use it to get other submissions.

· Use it to apply a sweep by hooking the opponent’s leg, especially when they posture back.

· Ask yourself, what else can be done?

Check out Professor Roy Dean's video showing and explaining all things Triangle Choke by clicking here:

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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