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Guard Offense – Sickle Sweep

A close relative to last week’s technique is the Sickle Sweep. This old school move is rather effective, especially when worked in combination with the Tripod Sweep. Let’s get right into it.

Another standing sweep option, the Sickle Sweep can happen when your opponent defends the Tripod Sweep by kicking their leg out of your grip and stepping back, or when they push your foot off of their hip but between their own legs.

Where the Tripod Sweep is applied more from your back, the body positioning for the Sickle Sweep is done from the side. The top foot is placed sideways along the midsection, with your little top on the top, almost like you’re performing a side kick from the ground. Your same side arm should have a grip on the sleeve cuff. This is where the pushing/pulling principle begins. Meanwhile, your bottom hand grabs their opposite ankle, while your bottom leg goes flat behind the opponent’s other ankle. Your body should be in a position much the same as in the picture above.

Now pull with both hands and push with your top foot, as you reap with your bottom leg applying the sweep. As your opponent falls to their bottom you should curl your legs under yourself and look to come up into a top position. Another option is to finish with a Spinning Kneebar technique which will definitely catch your opponent off-guard.

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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