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Guard Offense – Scissor & Knee Push Sweeps

Like the Hip Bump Sweep, the Scissor Sweep most often begins from a Closed Guard position but requires the feet to uncross to apply. This sweep can be done in NoGi. However, it’s really effective when wearing the Gi. The Scissor Sweep teaches the student how to lift the opponent off of their base, and how to attack from their side vs off of the back.

A cross lapel grip is preferable to the same side collar grip due to increased pressure it causes. Though the shin can slide across the opponent’s hip or belt line when setting up the sweep position, actually sliding the shin across the sternum is more favorable. This helps prevent the opponent from smashing your leg downward.

Pull the opponent’s chest onto your shin/leg thus lifting them off of their base. Shift to your side as you do this to get off of your back and put you in better position. Though a grip on the opponent’s sleeve at the elbow is good, having a cuff grip will allow you to pull their arm more effectively out of position, preventing the post. The chopping leg slides across the opponent’s leg, but be sure to have the foot up to prevent the opponent from hopping over it. If the opponent counters with a wide base, switch to the Knee Push variation instead. By leaning back farther, you will be better able to get on their knee.

When applying the sweep don’t be lazy about it. Mean it! The faster you come up on top the better. Kick that top leg hard as you cut your bottom leg under the opponent. Done correctly, the opponent should flop right over onto their back with you coming up into the Mount.

The Scissor Sweep is good for setting up the…

1) Scissor Sweep to Triangle Choke

2) Scissor Sweep to Omoplata

3) Scissor Sweep to Palm Up/Palm Down Choke

4) Scissor Sweep to Arm Lock attacks

There are many variations to this dynamic sweep. It would be in any grappling student’s best interests to invest time in developing it. I’ve also found it to be very good as well when in striking situations. Opponent’s tend to come off of their base when striking, plus their arms are preoccupied. Perfect time to get cut by The Scissor.

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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