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Guard Offense – Half Guard – Basic Deep Half Guard Sweep

If you’ve played Half Guard long enough you’ve probably found yourself diving into the “deep end of the pool” by getting under your opponent’s body. Whether you knew it or not, you were moving into the Deep Half Guard position.

Descriptively speaking, you are on your back under the opponent’s outstretched leg, with your head resting on their inner thigh. Your legs are crossed over their leg with your arms wrapped (like in the picture above), as well with your hands possibly clasped.

Though considered at times to be more of an advanced position, it’s good for the newer student to understand it. Especially since it utilizes an important principle of off-balancing your opponent by getting underneath them. This is very similar to the X-Guard position.

Basically, to get the Basic Sweep, once in position turn your body away from the opponent while rocking onto your side. As the opponent settles back to counter the movement, rotate quickly in the opposite direction coming up over the top of their leg on your knees. Wrap your arm under the thigh of their “free” leg. Wrap your other arm under the leg you’re on top of and pass to the side. You’ll be surprised at how well this sweep can work sometimes.

As a follow up, if the opponent doesn’t settle back when you initially turn, then come out “the backdoor”, underneath them and take their back. This is a very good second attack from the position.

Here’s some nice positional tips you can tap into:

· Initially start a little turned away from the opponent

· Ideally, get your body underneath their entire leg which will improve mobility

· Having your head on their opposite thigh can make the opponent feel heavier and harder to move

· Your head should be more on the inside of their thigh

· Keep your elbows in close

· Keep tight control on their outstretched leg only until you begin moving

· Crossing your legs over their leg prevents them from removing it

· Use your arms to create pressure on their leg and to keep it straightened

· You can work to get a hook under their ankle with your foot, but keep the other leg over to maintain some control

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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