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Guard Offense – Bait Sweep from Spider Guard

Whoever came up with the phrase “Spider Guard” hit the nail on the head. Though this type of Guard is mostly introduced at the upper levels of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it’s still good to have a general knowledge of the position. Especially since you will be a target of this position by more advanced players. Spider Guard really introduces the student to utilizing both their arms and their legs as all one unit, much like our arachnid friends do when spinning a web or eating their prey.

When it comes to the Bait Sweep, the person inside the Spider Guard is enticed or “baited” into believing they can pass the Guard. In actuality they are being led down a path which normally ends with them getting “stuck” in a sweep. Allow me to explain.

You obtain grips on both of your opponent’s sleeve cuffs. Four fingers curled in while leaving the thumbs out of it. One of your feet is pressing on your opponent’s bicep, while the other is planted on their opposite hip. Much like the picture above, this is where it starts from.

Now remove your foot from their hip and place your shin along the opponent’s beltline (this is the “bait” making the pass appear possible). While keeping the other foot on their bicep, along with the sleeve cuff grip, release their other sleeve and underhook the opponent’s leg.

Finish the sweep by straightening and extending your leg. With the foot still on their bicep, pull on the cuff to create tension. Your shin acts as the fulcrum as you lift up their opposite leg. Drive the opponent forward and over onto their back as you come up on top. Ideally you want your toes going over your head while utilizing the underhook to apply the sweep.

This can be very surprising to many opponents, believing they have the upper hand, only to be taken over. There are also other variations to this technique, and combinations which come off of this sweep that also come in handy. Explore and play with this dynamic technique, adding yet another tool to your game. Beware the Spider!

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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