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Guard Offense – Arm Drag – Various Guard Tips

Marcelo Garcia knows the importance of Arm Drags and constantly utilizes them

As you advance further the Arm Drag will inevitably come up in your training. This movement or technique is complete gold if you tap into it early on. It helps to set up so many things.

The basic movement is grabbing their wrist with your same side hand and then cross grabbing behind their tricep (from inside) and then pulling the arm across. Another variation is the “wax-off” variation using a semi-circle and then cross grabbing. This is really good when there’s more distance between you and the opponent.

Here’s some examples:

· From the Closed Guard, use your hand to push the opponent’s arm across the chest and under your other arm, as you reach under and cross grab their tricep. Pull their arm across, use a little hip shift, and then move to their back. Another Closed Guard method is when you get an outside figure-4 lock up on their arm first, then cross grab and pull arm across.

· From the bottom of Half Guard, when you have an overhook and move into Z-Half Guard, the opponent pulls his arm out with a Limp Arm technique. Get the Arm Drag and then take their back.

· From the Lasso Guard, remove your leg, apply the Arm Drag and take their back.

Some more specific examples:

1. Butterfly Guard Arm Drag

o Work the arm drag more when your opponent is grabbing at your wrist (vs vice versa), or try to get it off of a pummel.

o When you get the arm, remove your leg and post on the same side hand, then shift your hips/body.

o Some additional tips:

- Work on various arm drag drills to get better at them

- A drill goal is to get to the back and get the RNC. This will make getting the arm drag better

- Incorporate pushing on the head to get the arm drag

- Work on getting the second arm drag when you miss the first one (opponent won’t expect this)

- You must move your body when working arm drags

2. Hip Bump Sweep (fake) to Arm Drag

o When you come up to Hip Bump the opponent, weave your arm under their arm instead of over

o Pull their arm across as you shift your body towards the opponent

o Now work to take the back

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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