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Fundamental Open Guard Distancing & Control

Marcelo Garcia & Bernardo Faria working the Butterfly Guard

Last week the focus was on Open Guard Positioning. This week let’s go a step further and discuss Open Guard Distancing and Control.

When talking about the Butterfly or Sitting Guard, having an understanding of the versatility of these types of Guards is very important to expanding one’s game. Knowing how to properly move forward, backwards, side-to-side, clockwise and counter-clockwise in smooth, controlled manner is paramount.

Do you have a grasp of how to use your arms and legs to control the distance between you and your opponent while in this type of Guard? Notice how both are in a forward position towards the opponent’s structure. This is important! Moreover, this position helps one develop the ability to control the “inside” with their hands and feet with frames, hooks and grips.

Similarly, when in Gi and using the Collar/Sleeve Gripping method, having an understanding of the following will help improve the outcome of an engagement with your opponent through distance management:

· Posture control

· Arm control

· Hip control

The last two, arm and hip control, can be affected greatly once you understand how to properly utilize your legs while in these foundational Guards.

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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