This week’s message is a simple Japanese proverb that I hope inspires.

Throughout the Jiu-Jitsu Journey, you will get knocked down, you will fail, you will have bad days. In a nutshell, that’s life. The key is to not give up or quit; it’s about moving forward. So fail fast, learn from it and keep going.

Yes, it happens…giving up, quitting, “throwing in the towel”. Plus, it’s easy to convince ourselves:

· “I’m done, this is too hard”

· “So-and-so said I can’t do it so I won’t”

· “I’m just not getting any better, so…”

When times get hard we have to find a way past it. Making it through those hard times builds character, skill, heart and mind. It also builds experience that you may not have had before.

Anything worth having takes work to earn it. So keep going and move forward. Every obstacle you overcome will make you a better, stronger person. If you fall, GET BACK UP.

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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