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ESCAPING TO THE KNEES (As opposed to going directly to Guard – No leg frame)

I’m not stating that Re-Guarding shouldn’t happen, because it should. The focus in this blog is more towards “leg framing” vs escaping. Let me explain.

Understanding how to utilize your legs as frames, used to block your opponent’s movement or position, is a huge part of growth in Jiu-Jitsu. Once you begin to tap into the fact that using only your hands/arms is only half the game, you begin turning a page in your training. It’s a necessity which needs to be embraced and learned. However, if you’re only relying on the leg frame as a main part of your game this can be short-sided.

Leg framing, as good as it is, can make the bottom person act more “lazy”, and tend to not do much to get out of a bad position. Also, framing with your legs tends to keep you on your back when you should be on your side. Especially when you’re on the bottom under an opponent. Moreover, leg framing tends to keep your opponent in top Side Control, which is a very strong position to be under.

Learn to accept when you need to start escaping before getting caught in bottom of Side Control. Yes, a leg frame or a Re-Guard can be useful and will help you out of some situations. But you still remain on your back, in the bottom position. Escaping (and getting to the knees) tends to put one in better positions, or it helps to reverse the position, potentially putting you on top.

So, keep your legs alertly-relaxed and look to catch the opponent’s leg as they try to step over and pass. Understand when you are losing the positional retention, and look to win the transition instead. Getting to your knees affords you the opportunity to go on the attack. This is an important mindset. Lastly, use both of your hands to block or grab at the opponent’s legs for control, or to counter and attack. Just being on the knees isn’t enough. Once up move and work the counter. Get into the game. It’s definitely better than laying on your back wishing you weren’t there. Explore and experiment with this.

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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