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Completing the Pass – Hips, Pressure & Redirection (Part 3 of 4)

Understanding these three things, hips – pressure – redirection, will help with your ability to become a better Guard passer. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the concepts:

#8) Twisting your Hips

o It’s a very common response for your opponent to use a hand to block your hip(s) to slow or stop your pass

o Applying a downward twisting motion with your hips helps to disable their push or grip

o Often times this can be painful or debilitating to your opponent so take care when training this with a partner

#9) Blocking their Hips

o This should be a top priority when working to complete the Guard pass as it makes it more difficult for the opponent to retain their Guard

o As a general rule, always use your arm, leg or hip to block the opponent’s hip

o Once you kill their hips you can then start fighting for head control

o If this simple thing is neglected, the opponent will work to get their Guard back or come up to their knees

#10) Pressure using the Shoulder

o Use this to apply pressure on the opponent’s torso and keep them pinned down

o This also helps you stay connected with the opponent not offering up any space

o Importantly, as an advanced skill this is used as a pivot point to complete the overall pass

#11) Look to Redirect

o While attempting to complete the pass, some opponents will try to escape by turning into you

o This also happens when you block their hips

o Higher level players won’t accept the Guard pass and will shrimp to get to their knees or even sit up

o As the opponent begins to move, apply the Redirection technique by rotating around their head to the opposite side to throw them off

#12) Opponent counters the Redirection

o Though you redirect, the opponent moves to bail-out away from you onto their knees

- Happens when you fail to block/trap their arm

o Make sure to keep your chest connected to the opponent’s back and/or side

o Use a sliding-knee back take, slipping your foot inside after breaking the opponent down, then straightening your leg to lock it in

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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