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Closed Guard Concepts – Move the Opponent

Disrupting an opponent’s base and balance messes with their game plan. When you have the Closed Guard, and the opponent comes up off of their feet in the high kneeling position, consider that an early Xmas present.

If you have successfully broken the opponent’s posture and have it firmly under control, AND THEY COME UP OFF OF THEIR FEET to apply pressure, then use your hips and legs to move their body. By twisting your legs against the opponent’s hips you help throw their body into an unaligned structure which they need to compensate for. If the opponent is doing that then they are not attacking or implementing their game plan.

Here’s an easy drill to help drive this point home: Start with your partner in your Closed Guard sitting on their feet. Your partner will raise up off of their feet at unpredictable moments. Twist your hips and knees to break their balance and posture when they rise up. DON’T use your hands. This drill helps to develop the timing needed when your opponent raises up off of their feet to do anything while kneeling.

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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