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An Important Positional Escape Concept

This weeks blog will be short, but in the grand scheme of Jiu-Jitsu is of utmost importance. Understanding the importance of positional frameworks and movement used to escape major positions is something every white to blue belt must have in their repertoire.

Ask yourself if you have at least one escape for each of the following positions:

· Side Control

· Scarf Hold

· Mount

· Knee on Belly

· Back Mount

· North South

· Even Reverse Scarf Hold

When it comes down to it, one escape for each position is okay, but it’s better to have two or more. This is really important since you won’t know exactly what position you’ll be in as it relates to your opponent’s position.

One concept that rings true with any escape you perform is spatial awareness. This idea is really about being opportunistic. First, get acclimated to always looking for space that is given to you by your opponent. Next, if you are pinned down, what part(s) of your body is free to move. You will need to perform a quick analysis to make this determination, but knowing this will really help. Finally, understand that an opponent’s movement may be your opportunity to escape.

Look, if you need to escape from some form of hold then you screwed up a long time ago. However, not all is lost. Lock in this concept and some of these ideas. Then start filling in those holes in your game now. Because by the time you’re an upper level belt, having escape plans already built into your DNA makes your efficiency and effectiveness that much more potent.

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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