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The Kimura: From White to Black Belt

This week we're going to detract from our normal progression of fundamental blog posts to focus on a video recently shared to AXT Jiu-Jitsu's Facebook page (April 10).

If you watched that video, meaning really WATCHED that video, you would have received so much more than a 6 minute demonstration and explanation of The Kimura by Professor Dean. Breaking out pen and paper, starting, stopping and replaying the video, and listening to his choice of wording and what he actual said, it should be abundantly clear that you received a visual and verbal thesis on the Kimura.

To give an example of how much was taught in that one video, look at how many technical applications were extracted:

1) Kimura from Bottom Guard (1)

A) To Hip Bump Sweep w/ back step into Side Control w/ Step Over Kimura (2)

i) Fm Side Control Kimura (3)

a) To Straight Armlock (4)

b) To Americana (5)

2) Kimura Counter from Top Half Guard w/ Kimura Arm Wrench (6)

3) Kimura Counter from Top Guard into Top Turn Armbar (7)

4) Knee Push Counter from Top Half Guard w/ Kimura (8)

A) Change into a Straight Armlock (9)

i) Add in a Gooseneck Wristlock (10)

5) Knee Cutter Pass Counter from Bottom Guard w/ Kimura (11)

A) Rollover Sweep into Top Shoulder Kimura (12)

B) Spin Under Sweep into Top Kimura (13)

i) Gooseneck Wristlock on free hand to break grip into Top Kimura (14)

ii) Kimura arm pin, move into kneeling Side Control w/ Cutter Choke (15)

6) Triangle Set-up from Bottom Guard w/ opponent hiding arm

A) Figure-4 Grip Kimura (16)

B) Underhook Arm-wrench Kimura (17)

C) Elbow-grab Kimura (18)

D) Kimura into Triangle (19)

E) Kimura into Armbar (20)

7) Standing Open Guard

A) Rolling Kimura into Armlock (21)

B) Step around Reverse Triangle w/ Kimura (22)

8) Standing Rear Bodylock grip break into “Sakuraba” Kimura Takedown (23)

9) Ground Headlock Leg Hook Escape w/ wrist grab Kimura (24)

10) Bottom Turtle 1 Kickout Escape into Kimura (25)

11) Top Turtle 1 Kickover Counter into Side Control Step Over Kimura (26)

12) Top Guard Stack w/ arm behind back Hammerlock Kimura (27)

Twenty seven technical applications and combinations, complete with verbal reasoning and purpose behind what is being performed, from all levels between white and black belt. How many people, how many of you, took the time to study this one 6 minute video to extract as much information about one technique from an expert in Jiu-Jitsu like Professor Dean? PLUS, he presented it for free, for the world to learn. Interesting.

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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