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Guard Offense – Tripod or Hook Sweep

After last week’s blog about the Bait Sweep from Spider Guard, let’s continue down the path of fundamental stand up sweeps. When it comes to this sub-group of techniques we couldn’t go without talking about the Tripod Sweep, also known as the Hook or Hammer Sweep. Though known in some circles as a “basic” move, this sweep can be very high percentage if one puts in the time to perfect it.

Let’s look at it from the Closed Guard position, you are on your back and your opponent decides to stand up. Most times the opponent will step up with one leg next to your hip. That is the leg or ankle you should grab with your same side hand. Then immediately get your same side foot on their hip, toes pointing out.

Ideally, you should look to get or already have a cross-grip on the opponent’s sleeve or lapel. This grip will of course be on the same side as the ankle grab and foot on the hip. Then your other foot will hook behind the same side knee or ankle. Three points of contact are considered the Tripod.

Now using a simple, but valuable, principle of pushing and pulling with your legs, look to topple your opponent over backwards onto their bottom. By really working on this sweep you can become quite smooth at “riding” the opponent down as you come up on top into an Open Guard or Side Control position.

A couple additional tips…curl your legs in to get up into the top position more efficiently. Also, a good way to set up the Tripod Sweep is from the Lasso-Spider Guard, though that is a slightly more advanced application. Food for thought.

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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