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Guard Offense – DLR Guard Tech Stand Sweep

The first time I learned about this sweep was when watching a video with Brandon “Wolverine” Mullins and Stephan Kesting. It can be very deceptive because your opponent is concerned with your De La Riva Guard when suddenly they’re being dropped to the ground using this sweep.

Start in a DLR Guard with a grip on their near sleeve. Keeping the pressure inward on their lead knee with your leg, switch into a Sitting Guard. Your inside leg is circled inward around their lead leg. Now hug their leg with your outside arm while posting on your inside hand. You will release the sleeve grip to do this. Finish by doing a Technical Stand Up (Tech Stand) and come up into a Single Leg Takedown position. DROP ‘EM for the sweep! Good stuff.

There are several ways of setting up and applying this type of sweep. One example is by switching grips on their sleeve to your other hand. This will reduce their ability to counter for sure. Remember, and this is an important point, you don’t always have to stay sitting, kneeling or on your back. Standing up or getting to your feet is totally practical and encouraged.

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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