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Being the one who leads in a roll or in a match opens up opportunities for yourself that wouldn’t normally be apparent if you chose to wait. A big part of jiu-jitsu is trying to not allow your opponent to play their game or impose their will. So…BE FIRST!

You dictate and lead, or at the very least attempt to. Working to be a step or several steps ahead of your opponent will throw off their game plan. If you’re both standing, be the first to get that grip. When you’re in Guard, and those legs open up, get moving to pass. If you have the Guard, then attack with sweeps or submission attacks. Don’t just sit there. Nothing is more frustrating than when your opponent thinks they have you, and tries to go for something, only to have you suddenly move or counter. Limit or deny the opponent’s desire for control by staying ahead of the action.

If you are always defending, or are constantly worried about what your opponent is doing, or worse…worried about what they are going to do…then you are losing. So get into using an offense-based mindset, lead the roll, and find more success. BE FIRST!

Learn. Drill. Roll. TRANSFORM!

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